Juan Manuel Crescente

Software Engineer


About me

I'm a Software Engineer from Argentina with more than 5 years of experience in software development, working always with remote teams across the globe.
I'm also a PhD candidate (with a granted scolarship) in the field of bioinformatics. Thanks to this I've gained experience dealing with huge datasets, heuristics, efficient algorithms and messy third party software setup.

Tech stacks I love to work with

Python (Django)
PHP (Laravel)
Kotlin (for Android)
Linux devops in general (AWS, digitalocean, rackspace)
Python libraries: pandas, django-rest-framework, django-channels, etc.

Projects / Customers

ValleyWorks (2015-2019)

ValleyWorks connects Silicon Valley startups with talented developers in Argentina. I've worked for this agency for more than 4 years in different projects.

Web: valleyworks.us

Data Guardian Pros (2017-2019)

Data Guardian Pros (via Valleyworks agency) was a challenging project. We took care of a legacy project with no support from the original developers. The LMS makes use of Moodle and a custom online test platform. Tasks involved:
  • Set up a new envioronment in AWS
  • Development of new requirements in Java EE and PHP (codeigniter)
  • Develop a deployment script
  • Set up a github organization for multiple repositories
  • Connect with moodle API for reporting and user status

Web: dataguardianpros.com

BFA S.A - Argentinean finance company (2017-2019)

Development of a loan software and a custom CRM in PHP + Laravel
  • In charge of software lifecycle from the begining
  • Development of a loan software that includes customer registration, interest calculation, alerts using SMS and employee management
  • In charge of the full infraestructure in AWS
  • Developed an Android application for SMS reminders about pending or incoming payments to final customers

Web: bfasa.com.ar

PhD Student - Scholarship (2016-present)

Mining miRNA and its origins in bread wheat genome
  • Awarded with a CONICET scolarship
  • Working with big datasets using mainly Python and R
  • Annotation of Transposable Elements via bioinformatic approaches
  • Development of several applications for plant breeding programs

Some publications

Plantbid (2015-2019)

Plantbid is a US-based company, an horticulture platform for sourcing plant lists at one time from different growers. I've worked for plantbid for more than 4 years (via Valleyworks agency) maintaining a their in-house online platform developed in Django.
Some responsabilities with this company:
  • Migrated to Django 2
  • Development of new requirements in Django
  • Some requirements involves the use of RabbitMQ and Celeryd
  • Frontend improvements
  • PostgreSQL database administration
  • Migrate source code repository to github
  • In charge of deployments
  • Automated backups scripting
  • Being part of a global development team that uses agile methodology

Web: plantbid.com

Tu Viaje - Argentinean travel agency (2014-2019)

Development of a custom logistic software from scratch using PHP + Laravel.
  • In charge of software lifecycle from the begining
  • Development of a logistics and administrative platform
  • Implemented a real time web chat using django-channels and connected it to the current platform
  • In charge of the full infraestructure in digitalocean
  • Administration of dozens of corporate email accounts
  • Self-checking web portal for customers
  • Automated email newsletter sending via third party API

Web: tuviaje.com.ar

Digicel S.R.L. - Regional CLARO agency (2014 - 2018)

Development of a phone stock and sales software
  • PHP + Codeigniter / Python + Django
  • Importing reports from SAP API
  • Complex reporting tasks using pandas
  • Development of a POS application using Apache Cordova
  • Setting up a GPS Tracking server using open source traccar project
  • Massive SMS reminders to customers about ready-to-go repair orders

Web: digicel.com.ar

What can I do for you?

Build and maintain software projects
Work in a Django or Laravel application
Create responsive frontends and SPAs
Create modern and comprehensive web REST APIs
Move your big database from one place to another

There's more

You can download my CV in PDF

Email me at juan@crescente.com.ar